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The Gaviña family's coffee story began in 1870 in the mountains of Southern Cuba. After their family’s arrival in Los Angeles in 1963, they carried on a tradition of passion for producing gourmet coffee by founding F. Gaviña & Sons, Inc. in 1967. While their focus has shifted over the years from cultivation to coffee roasting and wholesale distribution, the end goal has remained the same: creating fine coffee—and doing it the right way from bean to cup.

Experienced coffee growers

"With our roots as coffee growers, we have a deep understanding of the entire process from the fertile soil to the final cup. We understand what a coffee tree needs in order to thrive, and we find producers that take care of their coffee farms with the same attention to quality that we would."

Relationships with
coffee farmers

"We are proud to have decades-long relationships with coffee producers - these partnerships help ensure our green coffee supply is consistently high quality. We visit coffee farms throughout the world to stay in touch with coffee producers, their harvests, and how their coffee production process is evolving to ensure the quality and consistency of their crop."

Coffee comes from the tropics

"We are fortunate to have extraordinary and consistent access to the finest coffee from Central and South America, through Southeast Asia and East Africa. We source our coffee from different parts of the world that fall within the “Coffee Belt.” This is an area between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. It’s here in these elevated, mountainous regions near the Equator that the best beans are grown."

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